The idea behind YYT Natural Inc is having an alternative to the garbage. A perfect marriage between all natural ingredients straight from mother nature and SAFE synthetic choices for you and your family. Zero bullshit, up front and personal. We pride ourselves in product knowledge, and passing that on to you so you can make informed choices is very important. No smoke and mirrors here.

All our products are vegan and mostly palm free. While a few of our products do contain palm oil, it is always RSPO sustainable certified. So you can indulge without the guilt.  

We sell soap, bath bombs, lotions and other bath, body and beauty products. With different ingredients to cater to all different needs and purposes. We're in the business of making people feel good, and we have something that will certainly appeal to everyone.

We also offer custom soap/favor options. People looking for a special way to make an announcement or thanking guests for celebrating a special day with them. We can hand craft soaps and other bath and body products to fit their theme and audience perfectly.

We promise to always be honest, up front and real about our products. What goes into them, how we choose our ingredients and why.

We promise to always have the safest and cleanest (no pun intended) products and packaging. Making sure our recipes are calculated correctly to make for the safest product for the consumer. And our packaging sanitized and filled properly to insure the longest shelf life and the safest final product we can supply to our customers.

We HIGHLY encourage you to reach out if you have any questions. If you want some recommendations, wondering what soap to use on your little, or what kind of scents 86 year old grandmothers are into .. we're all ears!